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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Carsosa Seri Negara

Lazy Sunday Usually we will search for places for coffee just to relax. You see, I work 5days a week and boyfiee work 6days a week. Our time are mostly donated to the beloved company for the sake of seeking our career :) So, when it comes to sunday we will expect this day to be the most quality time we spent together. Do I make a point here? hehe... Ok, this blog isn't about love story but sharing is caring XD so I'm sharing my happiness with you. Yes is YOU! 

I'm so gonna side-track... hehe

We went to Carcosa Seri Negara on this very fine sunday when I suddenly felt a sudden crave for Scones. hehe... I love sweets stuff and it is a all time favourite! Whenever there's cakes you will see me having it as starter <3 Is a style of eating. hehe.. Is kinda costly to do high-tea at Carcosa but once a while it worth the price. And plus they still served the best scones in town! The picture below - High tea for 2 persons. We didn't managed to finished it though..... We look fat but fat doesn't means we eat a lot BUT you can trust us. Coz nobody trust a skinny food blogger or cook. 

The high-tea set comes with 15 selections of pastries and cakes and 2 different type of tea which you can choose from the menu. They don't just look good, they taste good too!

 Above is the best scone in town. They serves 2differences type of scones, the raisins and the plain scone. I prefer the raisins cos is sweeter compared to the plain scone. It goes very well with strawberry jam and cream. Is the best combination ever! Trust me, 2 scones are never enough, I would at least easily had 4 of it! hohohoho!!! <3

More to say? Some random picture taken on that day :)

P/S: During weekend it might be fully booked so, if you wanna go during weekend better make sure you call for reservation first. For weekdays? No worries, unless they have private functions then too bad la.. :( Just to ensure there isn't any disappointment just buzz Carcosa before you plan to go! Okie? You know la, it is also an ideal place for garden wedding <3

Location: Carcosa Seri Negara.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Yut Kee Restaurant - Campbell Road / Jalan Dang Wangi

Hi Hi! heard about this place like zillions times but never been there before, not until one day my boss decided to bring me to Yut Kee after our appointment meeting with one of our clients in KL. He keep telling me that they serve very good pork! hehe... Below is Yut Kee signage. Well is not that hard to find if you really wanted to go this place. If you are a party freak at  Heritage Row, you will definitely drive pass this place like many many times loorrrr. Hehe! Before the left turn to the heritage row, you will see Yut Kee, of course at night you can hardly see them la cos they're close XD

Yut Kee 

 Their signature dish and MUST try dish is the ROTI BABI. Below is roti babi. Awesome Roti Babi! Don't ever forget to order this dish! I don't know how to describe the awesomeness of the Roti Babi but believe me, you will love this!

Roti Babi

I think is the ancestors gua 
Yut Kee signature Hainanese Coffee <3

Lemme remind all of you again. I love coffee or you can say i'm a caffeine addict! The authentic Hainanese coffee at Yut Kee are just super awesome!! The taste of the coffee are just so si beh GOOD! I had 2 of it.. Muacks! <3

Antique safe box! I love this! 

old school 
I think this is the ancestors gua.... 

 I love antique, the oldest the better! hehe... Loyalty starts here <3

Their menu! Is kinda blur in this picture... When you're there you can take a closer look ba :)

Operating hours: 8am - 5pm (Closed on Monday)
Location: 35, Jalan Dang Wangi,
               50100 Kuala Lumpur
Contact: 03-26988108

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Junction Beer Garden - USJ 14 (Subang)

This is a place where I used to hang out 7years ago before I fly to Vietnam for 3years. Well, I still find it interesting even after so many year, although the owner sold the business to his partner, luckily the partner still sayang the place and everything remain unchanged :) Their concept is very laid-back. Your hand can touch the floor when you sit on their mini lazy chair. You feel like home when you're there! I almost fell asleep... 

Their best choice of snacks is their 'bbqlamb" and crab. Usual order of mine. I didn't snap any pic XD maaf! too hungry la... hehe next time I'll upload some pic. BUT trust me! These 2 dishes never failed me after so many years. I guarantee it wont fail you too.

Junction Beer Garden 

Mini lazy chair :)
The bar

Boyfieee stealing kuachi from the bar XD 
It's basically a garden concept but more into kampung laid-back. :) My definition sounds so wrong XD maaf! I shall transform my grandma kampung house into something like this in future. If she allow me too...hehe

Some random picture taken :)

Location USJ 14, Subang - shop lots behind 7 eleven.
Operating hours

Leonardo's - Jalan bangkung (Bangsar)

Welcome to 'LEONARDO'S"!! 
This is always one of my favourite place for wine all the time! Been to this place like many many times with my friends but never blog about it! The reason why I love this place was - I love their bricks wall concept :) This place is where I got the idea using old bricks as decorations at my own boutique! Copycat.. so what? I love it lar... hehe 
Not only their concept but also the wine selection they had is what suits me all time. The owner just know what I want. Remember there were this day I go there alone at one hot sunny day. Stress ma... He selected a pinot noir that initially cools me down :) He don't select your wine based on your preference but also your mood :) Not bad! *Thumbs Up*
Leornado's Menu 

This is place where I always sit. Cos it's facing the wall that I like directly! <3

The Cozy Ambience of Leonardo's

The entrance wall deco :) Random aje..

Wine selected by Boyfieeee <3 Cabernet Souvignon
 from... you see yourself la XD lalallalala

Bacon Carbonara :)

Here you go again, my darling random picture taken by me :) and mine SS :)

Anyways, this place is super cozy, and is good for chill out! I'm sure you will definitely love this place cos I love this place <3 \


Monday, 28 May 2012

Teo Chew Porridge - Jalan Pudu

Well.. I can't read mandarin so, the name of this place are still unknown at this point of time. Of course, once I knew it I will let you know ><"

Second time I'm here and I still find it very impressive :) Thanks to BB! This time, I'm here with boyfieeee and Girlbe! We had 9 dishes for 3 fatty! oopsss! More choices! If you're planning to come here, bring more friends so you can have more variety of vege.

Girlbe the ambassador is taking charge. hehe!! It took us a while to decide what's for dinner.. haha!! Debating why Girlbe insist to choose for "Peanuts" ><" Hohoho!! I don't fancy peanuts when it comes to Teochew porridge. At the end our selection are

1) PEANUTS (Girlbe eating herself)
2) Pork Intestine
3) Bitter Gourd
4) "Tao Si" Fish
5) Fried Egg
6) Braised Pork
7) SAlted Fish
8) Luncheon Meat (A must for Boyfiee)
9) Braised Duck

Some pictures of the place and the dishes available. See the uncle? Yeah.. He was asking us.. "So, how's the meeting? Decision made?" hahhahaha!!!! One funny old man! B

Well, some random pic taken during the dinner session :) You'll be given a Thank you sign after you made payment :)

Location: Jalan Pudu
Operating Hours: Tak tau lagi la.. 

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Plan B - Bangsar Village 1

Plan B - Plan U - Plan B <3

This is a modern concept coffee shop served very good coffee. Its specialist coffee blend  and seasonal collection of beans will eventually makes you crave for more "Caffeineeeeee". Their coffee are all roasted and ground fresh daily!

It will be kinda packed during weekend so don't be surprise if you need to queue for your turn. 

Below is some snacks on one of my high tea session with my girlfreeennn "Girlbe". I forgot to snap her pic.. My bad..... ><

Left: Chocolate Banana Charlotte (RM 11)
Right:  B's chocolate Cake wv Vanilla Ice-cream (RM 10) **Recommended!!

 One of the BIG Event during this weekend :) I'm going.. Are you? As for the ladies, you don't need to worry on where to hook your lovely LV, Gucci, Prada or Hermes... Under the table there are plenty of hooks available to hang your precious :)

Left : Iced Latte
Right: HOT Latte with Cinnamon Biscotti (I don't really like Cinnamon

You will find that I always drink Latte during high tea, as latte contains milk more than espresso so it always blends well with sweets stuff like cakes! (Less bitter ma) So, whenever you're going for high tea, forget about their long black... it doesn't goes well with the sweetsssssss stuffsss you ordered. :) but of course if you do not have a choice but long black... add in some fresh milk :)

Some random pictures took by my girlfriend Girlbe. Me and boyfiee with the Ipad... and my girlfriend with her TAB. Is not that we're anti-social but the culture in Malaysia are "our gadgets eats the food before we do" **Winkxxx** So, stop nagging your friend being anti-social when the food are served or after its served.

Sharing is caring after all. 

Location & Operating hours;

Contact: +6 03 2287 2630
Opening Hours:
Fri, Sat & Eve of PH: 9am - 1am
Sun - Thurs: 9am - 12 midnight
Contact: +6 03 6205 5318
Opening Hours:Daily: 9am - 12 midnight

dr Cafe - Citta Mall (Ara Damansara)

Hey Folks! Please bear in your mind that I'm a caffeine addict >< So, my boyfieeee promise, we will explore new place for coffee every week :) See... I'm the happiest women on earth! Where to find a boyfieeee that shared your interest? Ok Ok.. before I go side track, let me introduce you;

dr. Cafe commitment to serve only high quality 100% Arabica coffee with rich and balanced flavors as well as a refreshing aromas, which makes the brewed coffee and espresso-based beverages highly admired by "Caffeine-addict"

That's the introduction for dr.Cafe, below my own intro.........

Me and boyfiee went to dr.Cafe roughly at 9 plus at night after a long day work and plus we need caffeine to keep the brain functioning. hehe....  Boyfiee and I had  "Ice Caramel Macchiato (RM14)" 

dr.Cafe brand identity :)

They have wide selection  of cakes, I haven't tried them all but for sure I'll return for more :)

 Above is their branding stuff too.... 

Oh Yeah.. The best part of all, they have a private rooms and plus LCD :) You can make appointment with your business acquaintance for some private business chat :)

Location: Solaris, Mont Kiara, Citta Mall
Coordination: Coming soon... ;)

Happy caffeine'ing!!!v