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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Plate & Bottles, Space U8 - Shah Alam

A non-halal beer and dine located at Shah Alam at a 80% population of Malays marked Plates & Bottles as one of the only joint for the non-muslim at Shah Alam, Space U8. 

We started with thirst quenching drinks from full fruit flavour drinks to the most unique mixture of cocktails from the mixologist. My favourite would be the Tomato............ something something

Look alike "bun/pao" Mashed Potatoes is cute enough to starts our dinner of the night. Mushroom soup from the scratch by Chef accompanied next by Drunken Prawns, a popular chinese cuisine and Special Sauce Grilled Chicken 

More Chinese cuisine from the chef are the Saute 4kinds Vege with belacan, Japanese Tofu from scratch and the most outstanding Chinese cuisine from Plates are the Pork Curry Not forgotten Canned-Barbeque-Pork with Vermicelli which taste so awesome is one of my favourite dish and MUST TRY!  (Picture Below)

The Chicken Chop Spaghetti Aglio Olio merely spiced with herbs is a not to missed dish for Chicky lovers!

TO ALL PORK LOVERS! The Special Pork Burger and Pork Ball Cabonara Spaghetti is a MUST TRY dish when you dine in at Plates & Bottles! 

Check this place out!

Location: Ground Floor, Space U8 mall, Shah Alam

Old China Cafe / Kafe Old China

The ambiance of Old China Cafe is so cosy and takes you away from the bustle of the city. Located at the quieter side of China town, proudly represent the pre-war shop houses where most of the architectural of the building still remain unchanged but it may not last forever. Many has been demolished or renovated beyond recognition.

Old China Cafe which still tries to maintain the resemblance of the Chinese social community  will soon fade away. Dine in the past while you can.

Serving authentic Hainanese Coffee, when roasted to perfection had its own distinct of aroma and flavour. Served in a long forgotten way of drinking coffee, a day back to the past with Old China Cafe is really remarkable!

Wide collection of antique proudly representing the history of Old China Cafe yet also to the Chinese community. Without physical legacy and sounds of traditional values, the city will one day turns into a fast-paced-robotic society which will only concern about perceived achievements. 

Old China Cafe will soon became unique enough to thrive Tourism.

Location: No 11, Jalan Balai Polis, 50000, KL
Contact: 03-20725915

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Rumahku Gallery and Art Cafe, Jalan Universiti

Rumah Ku Gallery and Cafe 

According to Sunita Mahesan, Rumah Ku Gallery and Cafe was conceived due to disagreements in various food choices – where one relishes in the choices rather than a specific type of cuisine. Hence, Rumah Ku does a fancy mash up of all of Malaysia's culinary goodness into a humble package, where you can get a vast combination of local dishes of all races.

Rumah Ku is located on a rather busy Jalan Universiti, and is indeed a homely place that looks more like a house of an acquaintance rather than a restaurant. Constructed as a single storey bungalow, Rumah Ku's design is very homely when the interior was separated into three distinctive rooms, each for one of the main ethnic race of Malaysia. The decorationsare simple but amazed us, the delicacy in presenting a representative of the hues of our culture. The batiks for the tables in the Malay-themed room, the marble tables for the Chinese-themed room, and the sequins in the Indian-themed room

Lets discover their signature dishes, in Sunita's words "everything in the menu will change but these;

I started with a cup of hot coffee. They serve authentic Indians coffee, their coffee are roasted fresh daily. For coffee lover this is one of my recommendation! Then is the Ginger Lemon Grass Tea, this is definitely a thirst quench drink in humid hot weather. Refreshing enough to open up your stomach for good food. Not to forget the Mango Lassi, that taste of smoothness.

Started off with a Tuna Cutlet, the slight chili after taste from the curry powder proved to be addictive

We then have have the Yam Basket Chicken, the yam are crispy and most important of all is the taste of the yam which is still preserved. 

Curry Laksa - Noodles with coconut cream based curry

The spicy taste of the Green Curry Chicken are awesome if you're HOT person. If I were to rate out of 10, I'm giving it 9. Love spicy food? This will be the most awesome of all.

Crisy and cruncy lotus adds texture and taste to Mixed sauté vegetables  

The delicious Indonesian style Claypot prawn definitely will impressed you! Slightly spice with red curry with fresh big prawn.

Salmon with medley spice and honey Spiced Honeyed Salmon is one of my favorite dish and also a MUST try dish! 

Sambal Chicken served in sizzling pan is definitely just what you're looking for in Nasi Lemak. Taste of sambal on boneless chicken drumstick is definitely the best combination! 

Rumah Ku also offers local artists an arena to display their works by lending them a space, to also promote local artistic events in their counters. Rumah Ku gives you exactly what it said on the name of its premises: the warmth and refreshing feeling of being at home, even during the worst days.

Rumah Ku, with its homely atmosphere and its culinary delights, wows us with a feeling that we have only experienced at home.

Location:6A, Jalan Universiti 46100 Petaling Jaya.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Shabu Shabu, Puchong

Shabu Shabu - This was a random day when I was super craving for steamboat and it was a long discussion with boyfieeee when he finally persuaded me to go Shabu Shabu. First time trying out this place, and it was awesome when we had 54 plates on top of another 5 plates of Pork slice and not forgotten my 2 plates of kankung :)

Wonderful day with bloated stomach! Far more better than a Piranha!

The photo was taken before it reaches 54 plates, the workers had no choice cos it's too high, she had to removed it :( My 54 plates without evidence.

This is my special steamboat "Fish Head Noodles" with pork slice , "Pork soup" by Boyfiee and the juicy Pork Slice

Overall this place is considered not too bad, nothing fancy but would love to return to this place to break my own record!

KL The Walk

 I Love KL ~ I spent half my lifetime in KL and of course I'm in love with KL and would not return to hometown when I'm still fighting for my career. . I wasn't local of course, Imma a Ipoh mali.

This KL The Walk was a interesting project I have with Eric when I force him to walk around town with me. And also, it was actually a working day of mine when my intern is doing survey at KL Gallery. Special thanks to KL City Galley in supporting KL The Guide. 

Well, below pictures are randomly taken during my walk in KL. Have FUN!

One of these pic were chosen to be the editor's note picture for my publications. Which is the chosen pic? Take a guess!
 KL City Gallery 

Central Market

Pasar Seni Walk

Random pictures taken during our 5 hours walk! 

Location: KL City Gallery, Central Market, Pasar Seni walk, Yut Kee  and some randoms roads.

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Super GT 2012- The Biggest Car Gathering @Sepang International Circuit

Super GT 2012, The Biggest Car Gathering - Sepang International Circuit 

My first time at Super GT 2012 - Biggest Car Gathering with Hubbbieeeee on track... We're stuck in traffic jam for 2hours. YES! Absolute 2 hours! The most expensive jam of year 2012~
For good 6hours walking on track was really enjoying when you got to see your favourite super car on track! Look!! My favourite FERRARIssssssssss <3

Old school Ferrari~

R8 <3 Lovin it too!

Me and hubbie while waiting to be on track and a good pint for the hot weather! <3

 We met the Michelin fat guy while walking back to the VIP car park, I shouted MICHELIN MICHELIN I WANNA TAKE PICTURE WITH YOU! HEhee.... Look! My fatty booyfieee and hubbiieee <3