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Sunday, 28 October 2012

New Paris Ss2

The morning stalls get pushed into every available corner. As the sun begins to set, stacks of freshly laundered red tablecloths with plastic make an appearance. The restaurant workers toss them, one after another, over the round plastic tables. The transformation is complete. The daytime kopitiam is now an evening daichow.

This uniquely Malaysian scene works like this: During the day, the Chinese coffee shop or kopitiam provides the beverages and quintessential roti bakar with kaya and butter. Single stalls are rented out to different vendors who specialise in different dishes. The switch comes at night when a main vendor takes over the entire restaurant and offers a variety of popular daichow or ‘big fry’ dishes.
From roadside Dai Chow, owing 2 lots which now known as “NEW PARIS”

Double boiled "Lou Wong Qua" Soup  translated into Old Yellow Melon Soup, was quite refreshing as it was light on the palate yet appetizing
Rice Wine Clams a simple dish yet drunkenlicious for seafood lover
Kangkung Belacan all time Malaysian's favourite! 
NEW PARIS signature Tofu
Marmite Pork Ribs I was rather obsessed with this dish~

Signature Chicken with Watermelon unique and appetising dish with steamed rice 
Butter Fried Sotong
The Damages for 4 of us with 6 dishes and 1 soup are RM 97++
Prices are far more than reasonable in KL and is definitely WORTH IT! 

62,64,66 Jalan SS2/72,
47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Contact: +603 7955 9180, +603 7955 0186
Operating Hours: Daily 11.30am to 2.30pm & 5.30pm to 10.30pm

Coffee Names. Malaysia ONLY!

Wui See Seng Kajang

Coffeeholic journey to Kajang was really "coffeeful" as Wui See Seng being one of the most prominent "Barista" in Kajang town offer  the most authentic Hainanese "Food Culture".

The venerable Hainanese kopitiam, Wui See Seng, hits 70-years-old or more, and it's still filled to the brim with contented Hainanese almost every minute that it's open. Service is quick, efficient, by 2 Hainanese owners themselves only (YES, only 2 of them, this couple are well known for their hardworking attitude).  Friendliness emanated from everyone there and you may experience the life of retiree playing mahjong with retireeeeee spectators surrounding the mahjong table. 

Was told this is a special coffee brewer for Wui See Seng only. Designed to suits the "Barista". Old school enough to tells you their coffee is really from the heart.
Not only the coffee brewer but also the customers here. Old school... 
This is how to keep coffee cups warm. 
This reminds me how I used to buy sweets when I was young. My childhood memories seems to vanish day by day, my adventure are to keep myself refresh. At times, I'm afraid I will forget all my sweetest memories. Living in this fast pace moving society, old school places and food is the only reason I slow down once a while not only to tell others the sweetness it created but to tell myself there are still many things that worth my time.
The soft and savoury Hainanese bread are like “returning to the ancients” served with Homemade Kaya and Butter has always been my favourite breakfast food. 

Protein  of the day, well known for its healthy contains which can last you through the whole morning. Half Boiled Eggs
Hainanese are well known for its coffee! One shall not claim you are at a Hainanese Restaurant without ordering their Coffee. 

NOSTALGIA that comes with a cup of Hainanese Coffee.

The Origins;
The older Hainanese refer to themselves as Kheng Chew Nang, meaning "people of Kheng Chew", the old name for Hainan Island in China. Most of the early Hainanese immigrants were late arrivals compared to the Hokkiens, Teochews, Cantonese and Hakkas. They came to Singapore in larger numbers only in the 1850s. The late emigration of the Hainanese was due to the late opening of Hainan Island to foreign trade and seafaring activities, which increased significantly after its port, Haikou, was opened to foreign trade in the late 1800s.

Kedai Kopi Wui See Seng 
8, Jalan Kajang Indah,
Taman Kajang Indah,
Kajang, Selangor

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Las Delicias, Citta Mall / Las Delicis Pan Y Vino

I was from this part of town, Ara Damansara where this lovely Porky place "Las Delicias" is located! Rather sinful place when I was there 3 days in a week!! 
Nestled in downtown Ara Damansara Citta Mall, Las Delicias offers original sinful PORK recipes prepared with the freshest of ingredients..
Today is my third day in the week, came here with Boyfieee and Ken Ken or better known as Foodpoi. Shall I also call him sifu also, as when he is here next to me with my camera, I always wonder why my picture look so great! Sifu mar... Of course PRO. 
This is rather annoying for me when all the menu is written on the blackboard instead of the conventional menu we always had on hand...... Thanks to "GO GREEN". I find this rather annoying but what to do when the food is nice? 
Their Pork & Chesse Parlour! 
Private VIP room if you are looking for a place for 15 for a small event or dinner?

They serve Mountain Fresh but however kinda bad service by the foreign workers as they did not shake my Mountain Fresh  Guava before pouring.. Hmmmm..... 
For now, is a must for everyone who went to Las Delicias! Is their PORK BURGER! Is a must for all pork lover and the patty is definitely tender and juicy!! 3 pork burgers in a week, PORKYLICIOUS!!

Boyfieee wanna try this out as we have order plenty of meat! Lolz!!! The pork lover are all here after all! Who? Foodpoi and Eric Yong lor... XD 
Pork Fettucini 
The last but not least, another sinful PORK dish is the Pork Knuckle. The presentation is without the knife but Ken said this is the ceremony and is a must when we ordered Pork Knuckle! 

Overall are just FABULOUS but is rather pricey though. So, if you wanna ensure your every penny counts better check out the price before ordering. 

Location: Citta Mall

Mini Putt, Citta Mall

Today was special, Ken Jin and his wifey Rita is in town, all the way from China visiting home country for few days. Guess what, Boyfiee and I brought them to Mini Putt for some Golf game! Was really funny as we are all newbie to Mini Putt! Lolz! Despite the fact that we are newbies, we are definitely fast learner!

Mr Bean Mini Golf 
 Each time I thought of Mini Golf, it reminds me of Mr.Bean with his 3,000 points! lolz! 

Lets join me in my Putting adventure! Look at all the challenges on different hole! You will definitely would love to try this! 
This is definitely very exciting as each of the hole has their own challenge.

Rita took quite a while on this hole. Hehe..... 

Boyfieeee is so Pro! 

They are really studying the mechanism out of it! And guess what, Ken Jin scored HOLE IN ONE! Fantastic!

Bull Eyes! I do not think much people able to putt hole in one though. 

Monday, 22 October 2012

MIGF 2012, Circus Pavilion KL

You will definitely be surprise this new joint has became of the hype of  Pavilion being the fancy dancy-Circus by the Eat.Entertainment Group. Are you a fancy type of person? If you are, I'm sure you'll be delighted with their settings and their fabulous food menu!

The MIGF 2012 has brought me here to taste the fancy menu by Circus. I love this artistic yet fancy for a casual dine in or a couple of drinks with friends. 
A date with Marilyn Monroe tonight? 
Boasting a stylish interior which transports you into a decadent world of glamour and escapism from the moment you enter, Circus is equipped with mood-altering lighting effects that metamorphose the decoration and atmosphere from a modern, casual eatery to a trendy, cosmopolitan dinner and drinking spot.  The perfect canvas for any dazzling celebration, grand gesture, and special occasion, 
You do not fancy the settings?? But I'm sure you are a quote person! 
Stone grill for perfection, it definitely looks fiery here but you will definitely amazed with this hole of judgement offers you finger licking good delicacies!

Fancy for some night view with your love one?
French 75
Best paired with Appetizer below
Amuse Bouch Parmesan Grissini with Bresaola
Cheesy cheesy cheesy!!! 
La Palma Souvignon Blanc
Paired it best with Chilli Crab Cake below;
Chilli Crab Cake with Organic Mixed Salad
I love this to bits! The crab after-taste was so strong which indeed proven its authenticity of its ingredients. 
Crispy Wild Mushroom Risotto
Most of the time you will see Risotto in pan or a round flat plate/sizzling plate but however Circus Risotto had shows us the different taste and texture of crispy yet "Risottorious" with Stone Grilling for perfection.
Terrazazs, Chardonnay Argentina 
Risotto are perfectly paired with Chardonnay
Lime Granitte
Best before main course as the sour taste of Lime opens the path for more fabulous food consumption. 

Main courses can choose between Beef or Cod Fish 
Wagyu Beef Tenderloin ]
Medium-well is definitely my choice, as the tender and juiciness of the Waygyu are well preserved and YUMMYLICIOUS!! To perfection it gave to my lovely stomach. Thank you Circus.
Cod Fish with Truffle Butter Foam
I didn't tried this but when you see everyone's plate is mirror to perfection you definitely need not to ask. 
Here's Chief Chef David Caral of Circus. Thank you for this MIGF 2012 fabulous menu. I'm here waiting for more and more and more. 

Gather, relax, mix, mingle, flirt, eat and drink!! 

RM 168 Per person wothout wine)
RM 278 (Per person with wine)
Level 3, Fashion Avenue,
Pavilion KL 168,
Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Operating Hours: 10am-10pm
Contact: +603-21416151