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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Milk and Butter @Bangsar

A neighborhood which is popular for all sorts of Western continental selection and one of the latest choice of Milk & Butter added into list. Nothing new to us to have the selection, as long as they serve good food and deliver unique ambiance.

 Latte with Almond cookies
 Single Espresso which tasted rather blunt and would recommend the enthusiast to take up their latte instead as the milk taste could cover the excessive taste of it but anyhow, the beans are moderate fresh.  
Despite their coffee which tasted moderate, they served the ugliest Eggs Benedict with Salmon which tastes good and unique in its way with some special sauce topped over it. 

Milk and Butter
Address: Telawi, Bangsar 

Friday, 19 April 2013

Kocik Kitchen Nyonya Restaurant @Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock, Melaka

This was my last trip down to Melaka for my Melaka the Guide publication and also marked the end of the chapter of my editorial career path. It was rather a foodful trip when I found Kocik Kitchen at Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock (Jonker Street)
 Humid, hot, sweating and exhausted, by then I finally decided to start the meal with cooling Cendol 
Pai Tee
I was really hungry as this is my first meal at 1pm, and knowing Melaka.. most of the Nyonya Kitchen has closed. I was glad Kocik Restaurant is not so appetizer is best to start with. 

Ayam Pongteh
The most traditional Nyoya cuisine which should not be missed at any given time dining at a Nyonya restaurant. However, I had to said that this dish here are just moderate rating. 
Cincaluk Omelette 
Traditional dishes which never goes wrong with cincaluk. 
Kangkung Belacan
Staple food for typical Malaysian. Yes, and I am one typical Chinese Malaysian which I'm proud to be one.

Kocik Kitchen
Address: No.100, Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock, 75200 Melaka
Contact: +6016-9296605
Opening Hours: 11am-3pm

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Loh Pan Mee @Jalan Jinjang Utama

 This is not a new place to many of the locals at Jinjang, despite its name this place offers fabulous 'Loh Pan Mee. Since this place has no name... We shall then name it Jinjang Loh Pan Mee.
 This is rather a secluded area. From Kepong area, you will have to go straight on the direction to Jalan Kuching.. But mind me not, we are not going so far as this place is located at Jinjang Utama. You will pass my a BHP petrol station or should it not BHP, there is a petrol station on your left and after you passed the petrol station, turn left at the traffic lights to Jalan Jinjang Utama and go all the way straight until you pass my all the shop lots on your left and you shall turn left into Jalan Jinjang Dua (You will see Soon Huat Restaurant (if not mistaken). 
 Jinjang Loh Pan Mee
One of the reason why I heart this hearty meal are, the gravy or 'Loh' smells absolutely good with sesame oil and gravy is thick enough to last till the last spoonful. Unlike others which turns into soup the moment we stir the 3rd time. Not too much of starch but it is absolutely the way they cook when eggs in added (the crucial part of the cooking'.

You will be surprise seeing an Indian cooking Pan Mee isn't? Yes, it is cooked by Indian and this is just another Chinese joint mamak for the locals at Jinjang. Besides Loh Pan Mee, they also served many other types of Pan Mee such as; 
Ma Lat Pan Mee (Spicy & Sour Pan Mee), Kuan Lou Pan Mee (Dry Pan Mee) and etc... A little discovery for yourself =)

 Jinjang Loh Pan Mee 

 I was too obsessed with this place as it does not only serve delicious Pan Mee but it open 24 hours just like any other mamak stalls. Wonderful! In fact, this was my supper joint after party 7 years ago and I just couldn't forget this place so I decided to go back 7 years after and it tastes just as delicious.

Jinjang Loh Pan Mee
Address: Jalan Jinjang Utama

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

PastryVille @Plaza Damas

Despite being a typical Chinese who loves to eat Pork and traditional cuisine, I grew up with bread too or may it be said in a modern approach of  Pasty/Patisserie and the latest is PastryVille located at Plaza Damas with abundance of status. 
When mainstream became too routine, the confuse generation Y expecting the best of both simplicity and modernization. 
I could said that the choices of patisserie are good enough for a not so new joint in town. Or is it maybe I was there noon... and most Pastry sold out? 
Don't worry.... freshly bake from oven =)
 Generous amount of choices for the chilled selection. And I'm going to try their Creme Brulee on my next visit. 
 Slurps! Sweets tooth! 
 Some.... Mint.... Tea..... and I'm sure it is an icey drinks. 
Hot Latte from Segafredo which I fancy back in Vietnam. Hardly go wrong for contented coffee drinker. Above paired well with below; 
 Choice of Pastry: Butter Bread (Top Left), Turkey Ham and Cheese (Top Right), Chicken Floss Bun (Bottom Left) and Classic Doughnut (Bottom Right)

Soft tender pastry freshly baked from oven is enough to ask for a decent first meal of the day. 

Address: Plaza Damas I

Monday, 15 April 2013

Shabu Shabu @Puchong

For all you know, this is my regular joint Shabu Shabu restaurant.... Being one loyal customer where expectations keep raising the bar, there is a challenge to keep myself loyal to Shabu Shabu (Cos they didn't change much since last year) 

My post from last year HERE

WE UBAH the taste of the soup by adding in 2 Maggie Tom Yam cubes! It tastes so differently that we break our own record reaching 80 plates each.
(FYI: Not much of plates are for soup taste) 

When creativity is the key of improving! Great mind *Obama Face*

Nonetheless, the soup is absolutely Ajinamotic enough to be paired with Beehoon.
Beehoon Tom Yam!

Shabu Shabu
Address: 55 Jalan Puteri 1/6  Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong, Selangor
Opening Hours: 5pm-10.30pm (Last call at 9.45pm)
Contact: +603-80635796

Burgertory @Subang SS15


In fact, it was really beyond the shadow of doubt that this is definitely the best pork burger in town. 
 MENU: Choosen- B Plus (Double Patty @Double Cheddar Cheese at RM 18

 Boyfffieeeeee placing our orders! and the counter materials are exactly the materials I use for my boutique previously. And also one of the reason I heart their simple design. 
 Remember these soft drinks machine? This is exactly what I have when I was in primary school on a daily basis..... Shhhh.... it is prohibited but neglected and these soft drinks are responsible for my weight! LOlz

 B Plus (Double Patty @Double Cheddar Cheese
Tender juiciness of the patty is just miraculously delicious, bites with melting cheddar cheese lips-sticking are meant to be perfect match! 
B Plus (Double Patty @Double Cheddar Cheese
I was really satisfied as the patty is rather generous in size too =)
 B Plus (Double Patty @Double Cheddar Cheese 
FREE Upgrade to set with Soft Drinks and Fries
 Fries are best DIP DIP with the house special sauce.
Burgetory is just a place where you should be visiting NOW! Enjoy your BURGER in the Laboratory! 

Address: Subang SS15 (Same row as Maybank / Above Caring Pharmacy)
Opening Hours: 6pm-11pm (Tue-Sun)

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Its a Hitz! @One Utama

For all you know, I've quit my editorial job and ventured into a completely new industry of Fashion. I went to Its a Hitz to release my stress over the decision of quitting my job which I love. I realized I need to move on and which I had then taken the biggest decision in life.
Its a Hitz is definitely not a place for you to release your anger but to realize that hitting the ball is like hitting all the negativity aura to welcome a new beginning of life! 
Baby has been really caring to know that this is all I needed and he join in the fun too! Well.. Of course he's much pro than I am... 
I think I only hit a few balls out of 60 balls... LOLz! My very first time is considered good enough! Try it yourself and you will love this place! 

Its a Hitz
Address: One Utama Sopping Centre
Fees: RM 50/unlimited hitz for 30mins

The smell of possibility not only by nose but your organs too.

My nose may not be the only receptor for my love for COFFEE, but my organs too. Researchers discover that  foods and beverages emit numerous odor components, and yet the nose only detects a small fraction of them.
Coffee, for example, contains 1,000 potential odor components, and yet only 25 actually interact with an odor receptor in the nose and are smelled.
It could be that the rest stimulate odor receptors in other parts of the body, informing coffee lovers something like, "This is what I expected, based on what my nose found out; it's good and I want more," as they gulp down a freshly-brewed cup of good coffee.
Article quoted from: http://news.discovery.com

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Nasi Lemak @Sentul

Lets PUMP up our life with Malaysian traditional Nasi Lemak with PORK! For those who are not Malaysian, this is an Islamic country and Nasi Lemak is a traditional food for Malay. And for the non-muslims this would be the next hype in town, Non-Halal Nasi Lemak at Sentul. 
It started at 5pm and usually selling fast and close by 7pm. Be early and please queue up!
She is the lady boss for the well known Nasi Lemak Sentul. She speak Hokkien and very friendly too!
Rendang Pork
The crossover cultures of Malay and Chinese is definitely a good o mix when my lovely pork could be enjoy in a different way of serving.
Sotong Sambal
Prawn Sambal
Favourite Malaysian dis! Petai with Anchovies
Rendang Chicken
Lohbak and Hotdog 
Look! Isn't this is just amazing and please be early and ENJOY! 
My choice of dish of the day; Luncheon Meat, Rendang Chicken, Kangkung and LOTSSSS of SAMBAL! 

Nasi Lemak with PORK
Address: Sentul (next to mainroad and look for the Aquarium lots-Picture No.1)
Opening Hours: 5pm-Finishing (Selling fast and usually closes by 7pm)