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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Raw Coffee @Wisma Equity

Heard about this place very long ago, however I did not managed to visit RAW COFFEE, as previously they are close on weekend, even though they had changed their policy in opening on Sat, I didn't went there on Saturday but Monday instead. Lazy ass not at work. 

Mushroom & Thyme Penne
I can't say this is really good, as this cafe do not have a complete kitchen but just a coffee bar, so food like this are acceptable. 
Double Espresso
Coffee is the main reason why I'm here. Not very fresh beans (my own personal opinion) but it tasted just good. If the beans are fresher, I believe it could be good. 

RAW Coffee
Address: Wisma Equity (Inside the buiding located on Ground Floor)

Monday, 6 May 2013

Aftermath of GE13 /2013

After all GE 13 seems to just started with new revolutionary vision for all political parties and this term is going to be toughest term in the Malaysia history when the whole world is watching Malaysia. All parties are pressured to deliver promises and manifesto campaigned month ago to win the vote of the voters. By all you know, I wasn't voting for this term… You can have my fair share of thoughts.

I personally have no doubt of change but at the same time I'm looking for stability, and this may not apply to everyone. As for this year, I truly experience the patriotism of being a Malaysian personally not because I’m supporting any political parties but experiencing the change of the rakyats perception towards General Election and especially the 13th.

By all means, I do not trust News whether from the Newspaper which was controlled and e-News which has infinite boundaries in allowance for manipulating fact. No doubt too… these tools are the traditional enough yet powerful to win the mind of the rakyats. All in all, please only take 30% of the news and leave the rest for your own judgment. Having buried in the advertising industry for so long, infinite and controlled is not in my judgement because this can cause so much of assumptions. (I do not have the intended message to create misconception but merely own opinion based)

Barisan Nasional
For all you know, the chief of the party will naturally became the Prime Minister unless  he receives a vote of no confidence from the party (UMNO). For then there should be resignation from the current Chief. Remember is not by Naturalization. 

For 56 years of ruling and rakyats are currently in the state of change as saying corruption has taken a toll in the country (I have no confirmation on this and merely based on infinite news). Looking at the growth of Malaysia, no doubt we are definitely growing positively when KLCC was built, and that is when Malaysia was taken to another level internationally. Special thanks to Dr M. Rakyats are happy to be recognized worldwide, proudly declaring us as MALAYSIANS. I personally miss that moments.

For Barisan Nasional, we are asking for stability and security and this term is for you to strengthen your agenda to fulfilled what has said. The world is watching.

Opposition (Pakatan Rayat & DAP)
I was in law class and I dearly admire the way Mr Karpal Singh speeches, not because he’s from opposition but his words crafted are just strong and powerful. The determination of Mr Lim Kiat Siang and Dr Anwar Ibrahim is infinite just like the news travelled.

This must be another bright sign for all to fight on what 'news' had delivered. This is 'CHANGE'. 7 extra seats in Parliament are to shows that changes are on its way. The same goes to opposition; this is time to strengthen your agenda to fight for the moderates. To fulfil the promises made not only by words but by action. Formed a shadow government as promised to keep fighting like there is no tomorrow!

In fact, this is the hardest part to express in words. Being the rakyats myself, I have my own agenda… I don’t trust news, I trust only action. Show us how good you are in fulfilling your promises and to work for a better future.

For all Malaysian who was born in different races, we are not easily manipulated by words of racism. As long as you do your part in keeping it rightful, no one will blame. Look at the brighter side, where we are now more knowledgeable and this is the power to watch them (Government & Opposition) carefully.  I'm waiting for next term of General Election where I will have a clearer picture of who to vote and being one of the spectators this term; I'm more conscious and careful. 

P/S: This post is not intended to provoke racism and merely own personal opinion. I apologize if anyone find this blogpost offensive.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

GE13 - 2013


1. On the note about the "Chinese Tsunami".

This is all over . At the time of me writing this, PKR and PAS together won 44 seats, while DAP won 36. Overall BN has 129 with 13 seats still being counted or recounted. This time BN blamed its losses on the "Chinese Tsunami". 

The numbers meant that the malays did vote for the oppositions too. There isn't enough chinese in the country to carry the seats won by PKR and PAS. The fact is actually that the chinese made a resounding statement in not voting for MCA and Gerakan. Which simply means that racial politics is slowly dissipating, and that people are gathering around bigger issues then just race.

I do believe that BN sees this. In the statements made by Dato' Seri Najib, BN is strategically moving towards a moderate right stand, and the overwhelming lost of Perkasa, MCA, Gerakan, and its component parties sends a clear message. The extreme racial right wing is losing its shine.

2. On the call for unfair electoral process.

This will be hard to prove. Very hard indeed. However, it is important to note that in the seats where the opposition wins with an overwhelming majority, no postal, ghostal, nor electorial manouver could stop it from winning. This is what the opposition needs. 

An overwhelming win. In many seats in fact the opposition did win convincingly. It came back stronger then before, and the outcome is clear. The opposition wins the urban seats, and has the middle class as its voting base. GE14 is about retaining this base, and coming back with a clear offering for a broader audience. BN has Sabah and Sarawak which is a huge base for its parliamentary seats. When PR lost several of its Kelantan, Selangor, and Perak seats it created a clear path for BN after that. 

PR needs a strong agenda. Just hating BN, and crying foul over the negative issues isn't enough to attract the moderates. A great strategy would be for PR to form a proper coalition, one logo, one agenda, and a concerted vision. There were enough cracks in the alliance that allowed for the BN campaign to squeeze through and divide the voters. I've always wanted economic clarity, and I don't think I am alone. Yes, I don't like corruption, the lack of press freedom, and the arm twisting tactics, but we also need to know that we are not jumping into the lions den when the voters cross over.

A new line up of leaders would help. The LGE, Rafizi, Nurul, and Khalid combination will go very far. 

The Rakyat is not racist. In this I believe. However, they still need to know that they are protected. The coalition needs to make a clear proclamation that the Special Privileges of the malay is intact. It also needs to clear the air on hudud. Once and for all.

3. On moving forward. Together.

I saw a lot of facebook pages turn black.

I disagree. We all love this country. We worked hard to fight for change. And working hard for change doesn't mean that it ends when you lose. In fact it begins when you lost. 

Malaysia has a lot of potential. Please. Don't say you want to leave the country. Please. Don't say that we're run by communists. Please. Don't give up on the land that we share together. Instead, if the call for a better country is sincere, PR supporters should rise in support of making the country greater. There is much to be done. The internet is still a great platform to bind the same belief system. Used correctly it will bring the masses. The world didn't end. Malaysia didn't end. In fact as oppositions PR has done more for the country then it gives itself credit. And the results are a strong mandate from the people. It did better then before, and PR should take the people's vote seriously.

I understand the pain. It still is a lost.

But losing gracefully means that you get to play again. And next time, with the grace shown, people will remember. I disagree with Dato' Seri Anwar's call for an unfair election. It probably was, or wasn't. It doesn't matter now. All that matters is that we the people shall benefit from the promises made, at the federal and state level. PR won several states. It has promises to fulfill. Work to do. 

If PR is able to prove that it is a worthy alternative, then perhaps in time, the rakyat will agree.

I know that I have made many posts that leans left, and tends to critic the ruling party. And I would have joined in rejoice with PR had it won. I would have hoped that it would bring order to the way of life and the way of work in this country that we all cherish. But perhaps, PR needs to work harder in convincing a lot more people that it isn't just about righting a wrong. 

It needs to join the moderate middle, tone down, stay the course and share with the people what it is all about. It has won the hearts of those who doesn't want BN, but it has to earn the mind of those who doesn't believe in PR yet.

Let's get back to business, work hard, and pray for peace. 

There are five more years of nation building to do and god willing, this may have a different outcome next time. Perhaps for a party that has a clear agenda of what it is all about, and one that shows the country that it will benefit from its leadership.

Who knows...

P/S: This article is not written by me and purely not intented for plagiarism. I found this article useful and it had given a fabulous insight in speaking my thoughts. 

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Caffeine @Setia Walk

Lazy Sunday with EricYong77 at Caffeine, and it is definitely needed to cure our stoniness. Caffeine at Caffeine Cafe?  
Friendly staffs with great smile to great your day to perfection.
Coffex Coffee for a Latte brew

Double Espresso
The taste of the char are heavier rather than the flavor of the beans but anyway, the beans are fresh and good to be consume moderate hot.  
FATBABY Ice-cream has climb up to be one of the hype in town. No doubt, their Salted Caramel are awesome and not forgotten their Corn Flakes flavor which I love most. Price ranges from RM 8.50 - RM 9

Address: Setia Walk (3 lots away from Go Burger Kitchen / Above Kennt Rogers)

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Go Burger Kitchen @Setia Walk

Gourmet Burger Kitchen in short is GO BURGER KITCHEN is one of the latest Burger joint in Klang Valley located at Setia Walk, Puchong. 
The setting of this joint are old school and look more like a canteen style without oblong table. One word "Simple". 

I do love GBK! I'll tell you why....
Well. it is undeniable that most women logic are similar to what's written. Anyway, nothing is healthy if its consume in a large quantity, so be good to your own health and know when to love yourself. Burgers are AWESOME! Please don't over do it.
Here's the menu. Spoilt with choices? How about my recommendation? 
You can never go wrong with Carbonated Drinks
The Hungry Hog
Double patties for the carnivore! The taste of the double 8oz are much tangy in taste and juicer to soak the Charcoal Bun, paired with Bacons and Cheese are just another heaven on earth. 
The Swiss Piggy 
Served with Mushrooms and Cheese. If I could ever request for a double patties for this, I would! For carnivores, please special request for more meat. 

P/S: Go Burger Kitchen serves CUPCAKES on weekends ONLY, for sweet tooth... Advisable to go during weekend. 

Gourmet Burger Kitchen
Add: Setia Walk (1st  Floor, On top of Kenny Rogers)

Crave @Oasis Kota Damansara

A soon to be a high density area of Ara Damansara called Oasis treasured Crave Cafe for Caffeine addict.
The ambiance of Cafe Crave is definite thumbs up with simplicity at its best when brown is its theme.

Personally, I love the lunch set and specially brewed Espresso which are just too awesome to kick start my last Sunday.
Ice Latte for the non caffeine addict.
Lunch set at the price of RM 12 ++ (If not mistaken)- Please check with their servicing representative should there be enquiries. 
Grilled Quarter Chicken on a bed of Smashed Potatoes: Grilled to perfection with greens and smashed potatoes on top of specially request EXTRA mushroom gravy. Enough for a big eater as the portion are generously large.
Espresso for the contented coffee drinker. Coffee beans are generally fresh and taste are slightly fruity. ENJOY! 


Address: BG-03, Oasis Square, Ara Damansara, Petaling Jaya.
Contact: +603-7734-3192.
Opening Hours: 8.30am-6.30pm (Mon-Sat)