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Sunday, 27 October 2013

Brick Coffee @Damansara Perdana

A rather random day when a friend of mine called me up for lunch on weekday. So, after lunch I brought him to my usual cafe which I frequently visit during weekdays cos is near workplace. 

Bricks Coffee located at Damansara Perdana / in the same building as Hong Leong Bank is not a new coffee place. This place has been here for a while, but due to its location which is inside the building and can hardly be seen from the outside, so not much coffee lover will finds this place. 

 If you also realise, I love going to cafe using bricks as interior.

 Yeah! Is him who came and kacau me during my working hours!

It is very subjective on personal preference of coffee. Myself I love strong coffee and not much into what sort of blend/single origins the cafe is using... As long as the Barista gave me something which is up to my standard of coffee's taste, I will then return. For those who knows me, I never return to shitty coffee place.

Picollo Latte
 Some selfie as compliments! 
Is a Friday so it was rather relaxing.... :)


Bricks Coffee
Closed on every Sunday

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Foldie Ride | Broga/Ulu Baranang/Lenggeng/Broga | 38 KM Ride

We first look into the Trail Map on our ride today. As we are approaching Broga, the team decided to change the route to the rubber plantation lane which has greater scenery and safer road trail. So, the total ride is 38km. 

This is s FUN RIDE and the group is not here for racing, we made an efforts up here for all the below mentioned in which you will then fall in love with it. 

We gather at 'Sek La Tok Kong Temple' which is the largest and most popular temple in Broga and with plenty of parking spaces for everyone. We then ride down to Restaurant London down the road to have our Coffee fix for the day! 


Yeah~ I couldn't wait for it to starts!

As there are beginners foldies this time round, the marshal are really understanding in taking many stops for some rest. This is crucial, cos we don't stress our body to the unnecessary limits. Remember? Is a FUN RIDE!

After 15km ride, we finally reach the mini town 2 in which I don't remember the name. We had our 2nd breakfast break here! Oh yeah... They serve rather normal food but company counts. 

We had their Catfish Nasi Lemak which was highly recommended by the Lady owner. Nothing impressive but when hunger kicks in? 

When it comes to Fun Ride, it also means a lot of selfie pictures to be found too. 

My selfie without make up for today's ride!


Right path taken.

Group Photo at one of the stop :)

It took another good 18km before reaching the rubber plantation road and the scenery was just to good and everyone just stop and stare!

THEN... Group Picture of cos!

The cycling begins again with more relaxing manner... While we tend to forget what actually bothers us on our daily life, I found the most promising scenery at Broga.

 I called it the 'Road Less Travelled'

I have this very peculiar thinking. During my cycling trail I will always find a landmark in which I shall be kept for myself because each has different meaning on my own while looking at it. 

Now we are almost up to 38km in which the next destination is the most memorable experiences for all of us!

Yes! We reach Broga Recreational Park for fresh Tilapia fish from pond!

I was here once, this time was different because I was riding a bicycle instead of driving. This place serving only Tilapia Fish from pond with 11 flavours available. On this trip we had countless 100 Plus and sugar rush can drinks (auntie even afraid we hide the can after drinking it) lolz!

  Bicycle Parking available too! Haha!!

 Freshly coal fired to perfection before it was served. Want to take a guess of how many fishes we had?




We had total of 13 fishes and 2 plates of Vegetables altogether! Food Coma! 
Recommended: Super Spicy, Assam, Salt, Black Pepper & Herbal

TOTAL: RM 330 for 10 pax

Once done with dinner, the rains just fall! We thought of staying longer to wait for the rain to stop but we had our next plan down the hill, so we cycle under the cold rain :) FUN!

What was our next plan? Some super cold drinks of course!

RM 2.70

RM 2.70

Best of the best during rainy days! 

FUN RIDE is about the efforts of making up to the trail but at the same time enjoying what makes us happy and that is through food with good company.

Happy Riding!

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Hing Kee Bak Kut Teh @Kepong

It has been a while since my last visit to Kepong. I stayed there when I was still in College and I finds Kepong is a very interesting place to be especially for food. First of all, it isn't that expensive and its good! 

After our escaping fail big time at ESCAPE ROOM.. XD My colleague suggested for some tasty BKT. Definitely not a bad recommendation at Hing Kee Bak Kut Teh @Kepong in which this is the first time I had the most of the Dry BKT. (Honestly speaking, I'm very choosy over Dry BKT)
 You Tiau! 
 Tau Foo Pok
This is an absolute combination to be! Fried Onions with Rice.... Btw is with LOTS LOTS OF ONIONS
This is the POWER dry BKT. I had the most for the very first time... I'm choosy because sometimes the taste of the spices is too strong in which makes me JELAK. But for the above... Highly recommended for dry BKT lover.
Soup taste isn't that strong compared to others, but the porky organs are FRESH. Worth the try! 

Hing Kee Bak Kut Teh
How to go: The shop lots after Kepong Jaya Jusco 
(I'm sure it is obvious cause this shop is packed EVERYDAY)

ESCAPE ROOM at e@Curve

Today was a well planned day by my colleagues to try ESCAPING in a locked rooms. HINTS are pretty important and if you don't read English, you're dead! Since we are not allowed to take pictures in the locked room, I do not have any pictures to show you how does the real rooms looks like. 
Harriet , Myself and Stephy! 
We decided to go for the Pirate Ship which rating level of difficulty are 5 Stars in which is also the 2nd hardest room to escape! Well... Scroll down and you will know how we made it there. I would like to tell you how we escape, but it wasn't that fun anymore! So, you gotta check it out yourself ya!

Below description from http://www.escaperoom.com.my


The tale of William Kidd, a savvy pirate, as he searches for the buried treasure in the southern sea across the Pacific. The buried treasure is known to be kept in an abandoned pirate ship, "The Adventure Galley." However, little do they know, He, along with his crew, are under an ancient curse, doomed for eternity to neither live nor die. That is, unless a blood sacrifice is made. With less than 45 minutes before Dr. Malcolm's ship arrives, you have to find the buried treasure or be prepared to be buried at sea.
There are always Selfie moment no matter where you are! Chiak Chiak!! 

Well! Moment of truth!

We win HALFWAY! We couldn't escape the last room. Is really challenging that one must have teamwork! We absolutely have the teamwork, by laughing so hard in the room and making fun of the skeleton.... We are just asking for clues.  Hoping we could get some! lolz! 
I purposely took that prop, so at least I felt better by saying 'Ah Weng made us Lose'~
Too bad... hehe
All I can say is... ENJOY! Life is too short to not have FUN!

Escape Room

Address: Lot 2-01A, 2nd Floor, eCurve
Jalan PJU 7/3, Mutiara Damansara
47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel: +603-7732 9198
Email: info@escaperoom.com.my