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Sunday, 29 December 2013

Restaurant Kah Hing @Segambut Dalam

4 years in Vietnam Hanoi had polished me into a half-Viet, Hanoian. My passion in Vietnamese food never dies off, as the uniqueness in their preparation of each dishes are simple but memorable in taste. I grew up in Hanoi you can say...
This place Restaurant Kah Hing served by Vietnamese is definite the right place for authenticity! I dare to shout out loud for the coffee. Back to Malaysia for so many years, except for brewing my own cuppa of Vietnamese coffee, I never come across anything nicer than my own brew. 
Well, guess my own brewing is coming to an end when you're here. 
Not my preference, but the sauce is exactly what we had in Vietnam for most of the dishes. However, the local Chili Padi is not as fiery as the local Vietnamese Chili Padi. (One down-side)

Restaurant Kah Hing
Add: Plaza Sri Sinar, Jalan 6/38D, Taman Sri Sinar, Kuala Lumpur Segambut. 
Contact: +6012-6681463

Shang Her Tea House @Menjalara

Shang Her Enterprise
After morning breakfast with friends at I LOVE YUMCHA we were being introduced to a much seen simpler yet so deep in thoughts of the art of tea. Shang Her Enterprise may not have a spaceful space to serve alot of people but a few up to 8ppl are sufficient!
A simple catch-up with friends. 
Well, I'm not a tea person but I'm amazed with how tea being translated into life.
Unlike Coffee with simpler way of preparation, tea preparation are much complex compared. Each utensil placed infront of the tea-maker interpret life in their own way. Like the lady said 'Everyone has their own way' you can choose not to follow, but why hurt your hand when you can use tea-clipper to carry the tea?

Translated in life: We tend to hurt our own, even when we know we could avoid at certain circumstances. How true? 

Tea preparation items could be more than the above, it depends on you and your tea
You knew you are drinking tea the wrong way when you see the presentation above :)
1st tea glass are overturned into the tea cup where you drink with.
Uphold and the aroma of tea will definitely excite your senses. For real. 
A small piece of tea, after being brewed are more expanded with aroma in its own qualities. Just like human, water elements is the experiences we gained throughout life and the more it gave, the more you gained. We are being groomed into each different unique personality that not everyone will love but the one who will, is the one who understand this type of tea. 
Another different type of tea which is stronger in taste compared to the first one. 
Mini tea-set. Trust me, you can drink tea with this :)

The art of photo taking

Told you long before... Is best to end with selfie on a daily basis! Memories kept just like the taste of tea which is different on every sip!

Happy Tea'ing!

I Love Yumcha @Menjalara

Decent dim sum available in KL are almost non existence. Until recently I found this place which is highly secluded at the corner of Menjalara Kepong. Place which I;m familiar with long ago... Now my exploration ground once again. Sorry to say.... This place had developed so much!
I LOVE YUMCHA in Hong Kong dialect means 'Breakfast'. Although I know in Malaysia means - tok kok sing song. LOLZ. Anyway... This place serve DIM SUM at a very reasonable price with GENEROUS portion! Trust me! I'm a Ipoh Mali, and Ipoh's dim sum are really generous and for me to say it is generous in portion? IT HAS TO BE REALLY GENEROUS!
They don't just serve you DIM SUM, they educate us the right way of the art of tea. Well, those who knows me, you know I don't know anything about tea. 
Polo Bun 
Polo Bun
Char Siew Sou
Sesame Ball
Yam Ball
Too much of varieties available and we are so spoiled with choices! 
Chicky Legs
Steamed Pork Ribs
My Favourite - Otak-Otak Siu Mai
Stir Fried Carrot Cake
Octo Mai

My most camwhored Porcupine Bun
Fried Prawn Spring Roll Wrapped in Cheong Fun
Dumpling in Vinegar Sauce
Har Gao 
Century Egg with Pork Porridge
Days will never be any better with selfie! 

Add: Plaza Menjalara. 52200 Kuala Lumpur
Contact: +603-6732 5308
Website: www.iloveyumcha.com

Friday, 20 December 2013

Fuel Cafe @Uptown

Lovely ambience and definite a cozy place to chill out.
Japanese owns cafe and he don't really speak fluent English but a rather passionate guy to serve everyone in the cafe all by himself.

Latter for Sailor
Very cute lunch to start with

11G Jalan JALAN 21/37 DA,MANSARA UPTOWN, 47400 Damansara, Kuala Lumpur