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Thursday, 12 March 2015

Remember to love again…

Remember to love again…

My heart is bruised and burned from a relationship that ended but I can love deeply again. Deeply, just as intensely as I did before. Henry Nouwen urges to love again because the heart only expands with the love we are able to pour forth. He wrote:

The more you have loved and have allowed yourself to suffer because of your love, the more you will be able to let your heart grow wider and deeper. When your love is truly giving and receiving, those whom you love will not leave your heart even when they depart from you. The pain of rejection, absence, and death can become fruitful. Yes, as you love deeply the ground of your heart will be broken more and more, but you will rejoice in the abundance of the fruit it will bear. 

I will love again wholeheartedly when I found you. I will love you the right way and never make the same mistake ever again. 

Saturday, 24 January 2015

DAY 4 - What to do in Da Nang and Hoi An?

DAY 4, Cloudy and Windy. 

I didn't want to do a lot today cos I had a week here in Da Nang and knowing I can enjoy everything within a week. I know.. I should maximise it, but my intention was to travel as happy and stress free as I can. 

Went to Chua Linh Ung Son Tra Da Nang Temple where the biggest Kwan Yin Statue could be seen from My Khe beach. Around 10km if you're staying over town and 5km if you're staying near beach. Do not hesitate to travel to all the temple in Da Nang as they are all surrounded by naturals flora and fauna and scenic view of the beach. Da Nang are located along the cost which are the best creation of God. Take some time off and travel to the non so swarm with tourists area. REALLY, it will be swarm with tourists soon as Da Nang is doing a lot to attract tourists. I miss the previous Da Nang that I love most but well, I still love it. Maybe slightly lesser. 

You have nor truly visited the temple if you didn't realise this mini ornaments. Search for it to complete your visit. 
Tourist helping tourists for photo snapping. Chiak Chiak!!

This trip will take around an hour for you to take pictures and to lazy around the area. After that you can call it a day. Well... the landscape ofDa Nang are incredibly beautiful and worth your time. 

This trip doesn't take me too long, so I decided to go back to Hotel and rest a while before heading down to Hoi An. I chose not to go to Hoi An so early because there are really nothing much to do during morning unless drinking and relax with fellow buddies at cafe or bar or restaurant. So I decided to only go during night time where the lights of the lanterns with enlighten me once again. I love the beauty of Hoi An where there are nothing but old architectures and river that was so peaceful. However... My thoughts and the Hoi An that I once knew changed... SO MUCH. Will tell you more later. 

Hoi An pictures as per below. 

How SAD!!! This place was so swarm with tourists and I can't see an element that portrayed it was Hoi An except for their architectural that still stood tall and silent. Please return me the old Hoi An that I once knew and not this! It's sad for me to said so but the place.... is so different. Economics factor be it. Not returning to this place any time soon unless needed / necessary. My own very opinion; the previous HOI AN that I once knew was beyond fascinating. The below pictures doesn't define it. 
We had our dinner at one of the local joint that serves Bia Hoi at VND5,000. We had Banh Xeo (Pancake wrapped with rice paper and fresh vege) & My Quang (Noodles with sweet sauce served with pork slices and fresh vege)
TIPS: Every region of Vietnam serves different type of noodles / should I said they have their own speciality noodles. 
My Quang
Banh Xeo
Banh Xeo is a must when you're here in Da Nang cos I think they serve it better than anywhere else. Maybe HCMC? I don't know and yet to be known. 

That's the end of the night and  purchased some lanterns for home. Show you when I got home because I did not took a picture of it. It cost around RM80 for a big lantern and it's made of silk. 


Day 3 - What to do in Da Nang?

Talking about Da Nang, I must admit I love Da Nang! (A LOT) I love the beautiful beaches, untouched natures and more to say? Friendly people. I do not know about you, but my experiences throughout so many years are amazing. 

Flight: JETSTAR (Hanoi to Da Nang)
Cost: 1,200,000VND ++ (One Way Only)
Duration: 1.5hours

The Airport is very close to town. You only need around 30 minutes to reach town and cost around VND220,000 (RM40). Don't be afraid of late / missed your flight cos it's just so near!

This time I'm using AirBnB to book my accommodation.
Hotel: Mayfair Hotel (3s)
Price: RM 87 (a night)
Add: 14 Loseby Street
Picture accuracy: 7/10 Cleanliness: 7/10 Staff: 8/10 (They barely speak English except for the one who accepted your AirBnB request. They are friendly)

TIPS: using AirBnB has it benefits cos you don't need to stay at hotel only but also other places. like HOME.

First thing that I did was SLEEP. I had a long night and barely slept for an hour... So I need to rest! 

First thing first. FOOD I thought of the moment I open my eyes. The first thing that I wanted to eat was Banh Trang Thit Heo (3 layers pork wrapped with rice paper and noodles along with fresh vegetables) This is one of Danang speciality. You know... I don't take Mam Tom (Prawn Sauce) I HATE IT! FORSAKEN! but.... The one in Da Nang are rather different. You just need to add some SUGAR, LIME and CHILLI sauce and you will be swallow that Mam Tom into your mouth with the mouthwatering Banh Trang! The one I had on day 1 wasn't that good. I do not highly recommend you to go there but the atmosphere is good! Located at 14 Le Duan.

Banh Trang Thiet Heo
What else do I fancy besides food in Vietnam? Making friends of course! haha! Time for some walking and getting lost in the maze.

Found Lotteria (Fast Food chain store) and realised I should have their prawn burger as I do fancy it all the time previously. 

This was me 8 years ago having the same old Burger! Look older isn't? Ouch.... 

Well... Next? Beers of course! I use to frequent one bar previously but they are now close. So, I went to Golden Pine Bar at 54 Bach Dang Street. One shall go only after 10pm otherwise you will got bitten by mosquito all the time... SERIOUS. 

Not forgotten, that place s EMPTY before 10pm. REALLY.

After beers, you should walk along the My Khe beach which are hell beautiful and windy during night time. It's winter here right now, so please wear extra jackets. You don't want to catch a cold don't you? 

That's the end of my night in Da Nang.. Stay cool on Day 1 here... More to come and more to go! Love you!


Friday, 23 January 2015

Day 2 - What to do in Hanoi?

DAY 2: Still staying at Hotel Maison D'Hanoi.

Due to bad hangover yesterday, I slept till 12pm. Lost the morning to hangover... But well, nothing in mind cos I was supposed to go HaLong bay in which I didn't. 

So, my ex colleague came to rescue. We had my usual Cha Ca (Stir Fried Fish on pot with Dill and Spring Onion) but taste quite different this time. One must eat this dish with Bun (Noodles). Cha Ca Thang Long at 19 Duong Thanh Street

Here she is! MY favourite Chi Huong. She speaks very decent Mandarin and she's my 'teacher' for both Mandarin and Vietnamese back then. Time flies isn't? 5 years then... our first reunion. 

Again we wander around Old Quarter again to look for my favourite desserts Che but we couldn't bump into one. But we ended up at this place at To Tinh Street having Hoa Guo Dam (Mixed Fruits with Coconut and Carnation Milk) one word: Delicious. 

Now my first meal is complete! Time for walking again.... I love to walk in a maze. Be it lost or you got your way out. Sometimes, it is about the journey that matters. So... We saw 5k Beer again! Well... That's about life isn't? Ma May Street Road Stall.

That's what I enjoyed living in Vietnam. haha!! Beer that cannot make you drunk! XD We had couple of pints before heading back to hotel for a quick nap for tonight DINNER and PARTY!

I opened my eyes, the sun had set and I thought it was 8pm... then I realised it was just 6pm.... Just 2 hours of nap.

FOODIE time! I always love this place at 81 Dai Co Viet Street, Nhang Nuong (Charcoal BBQ) by the roadside.By the way, everything is in Vietnamese so be smart and point at what other tables has/enjoying to prevent yourself from being a total jerk. I can read quite a fair bit. XD

This is how one should enjoy Nhang Nuong like a BOSS! Order whatever that you can eat and eat them all! This was my usual dinner place during winter back then. Always wanted to smells like walking barbecue after dinner.

TIPS: Dress low and make sure you don't plan to wear it on the same day cos the smells can be really bad. Trust me! You don't need to wash your hair cos you will need to wash it later after the session. You will definitely regret!

Well... Like said, It's never enough to have one meal at night so I went back to the old quarter to take away Pho Xao Bo (Fried Noodles with Beef) which cost me VND60,000 (RM12) The most expensive Pho Xao that I had in my life throughout Vietnam at Ma May Street! I felt like an idiot buying that noodles but well I wanted to eat so let idiot be an idiot. Didn't bother taking picture cos busy finishing the expensive beef noodles.

SHOWER then PARTY! cos I smells like walking barbecue. 

This time was straight forward, we went to The Bank of Entertainment at 41 Hai Ba Trung 6th Floor. The music? AWESOME! The people? AWESOME! This is currently the most happening club in Hanoi as told. Was pretty much lucky cos both my buddies are working in the club as DJs. 

After PARTY? we went for steamboat till 5am in the morning. I almost miss my flight to Danang at 8am. We invented a new word for OD with food. Food Drunk = Foodunk. We ate till we can't move and sleeping on the chairs... LIKE A BOSS! 

On this day while I'm writing this? I gained 3 kgs within 7days in Vietnam. I just can't stop eating! HELP! They said I gained weight even before entering Vietnam... This is bad.

Jennifer Moke

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Day 1 (Night) - Hanoi, Vietnam

Well... Night time arrives..... I NEED FOOD!

Wandering around Old Quarter again and bumped into this road stall selling Pho Xao (Fried Beef top on Flat Rice Noodle) at Bat Dan Street. Not really impressive but the taste is there... That usual taste that I remember before I leave.

Pho Xao Bo 
I'm not satisfied yet with my meal so I went to Hang Dieu Street to search for Mien Xao Luon (Fried Noodle with Eels) This place is popular among local and tourist and are usually pack like burger, but maybe this time is winter and these places are not as pack as steamboat places. I had Mien Luon Nuoc (Eel Noodles Soup) instead and some other snacks from Eels. Said, it's winter.

Mien Luon Nuoc 
Sup Luon
Nem Luon
After these 2 meals, finally I felt some warm from the inside out. 

Did I tell you that I gained 10kg weight back then upon my return to Malaysia? I'm thinking how kilos I will bring back this time. Not forgotten, MY FAVOURITE FOOD = VIETNAMESE FOOD

The past...
I can't wait for memories to swarm in like waves as I miss them dearly. When I was in Vietnam back then, I do not have much friends so I need make friends on my own (not knowing Vietnamese language) I was wandering around old quarter again to make friends.... I bumped into this place at Ta Hien Street that serves VND5000 (RM0.80) Beers (Bia Hoi). I was like?? WTF??? REALLYYYY?? I sat at one of the small chair and thirst quench time! I think I had almost 6 cups of Bia Hoi and I finally make friends with the strangers sitting next to me. That night was the most amazing night, as I finally make friends with local and tourists. We exchanged contact and HOLA we are friends then. This was 8 years ago! 

Tonight, I'm back to the same old place but not drinking Bia Hoi cos SOLD OUT! AGGGHHHHHHH!!!! I had Hanoi Bia instead. 41 Luong Ngoc Quyen (Intersection between 2 streets) Ta Hien & Luong Ngoc Quyyen.Duhhh... This place is so pack with human (local and expat) Oh Yeah... That's CCT in picture. My travelling partner for the first 6 days. 

I'll show you my best friend (Anh Binh) in Vietnam, Hanoi later. He was in a hurry to go somewhere after he took a glance at me. He miss me of course! Actually I miss him more. We then meet up a 83h Ly Thuong Kiet (Party at 19th Top Floor) and you know... PARTY non-stop! That Place was pretty empty so I didn't bother taking picture. 

Next stop! Hero Club at Phuc Tan Street. Open just couple months ago and we are like VIP there. XD 
Anh Binh my Bestie
Anh Huy & Anh Binh 
Life would be so dull in Vietnam without the both of them. They do make a lot of changes in my party life in Hanoi. Haha!! Those memories.... We get drunk and drunk and drunk again in the same day. Ko Say Ko Ve... Sang Cung Ko Ve. 

So, we think that the party shouldn't be so dull and we decided to change to another drinking place. we had Vodka all the way. Not forgotten the Berry taste Vodka that taste so bad that I can puke whole day! XD but well... we finished it all! With some hot dogs as snacks (When Anh Binh trying to hide from drinking. He bought us some) 

When your friends decided not to have you in the pic as they are and they love to see you look fat in the picture. Thanks Buddies! ARRGGHHHH! I look so FAT! 

Our night lasted till 4am and I missed my Ha Long Bay tour at 8am and I was lucky enough that they gave me back full refund in which it never happen in any country. Trust me! No one will ever refund to you! I WAS REALLY LUCKY TO HAVE FRIENDS HELPING ME WITH. 

Night ends... SLEEPING TIME. 

Jennifer Moke