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Friday, 23 January 2015

Day 2 - What to do in Hanoi?

DAY 2: Still staying at Hotel Maison D'Hanoi.

Due to bad hangover yesterday, I slept till 12pm. Lost the morning to hangover... But well, nothing in mind cos I was supposed to go HaLong bay in which I didn't. 

So, my ex colleague came to rescue. We had my usual Cha Ca (Stir Fried Fish on pot with Dill and Spring Onion) but taste quite different this time. One must eat this dish with Bun (Noodles). Cha Ca Thang Long at 19 Duong Thanh Street

Here she is! MY favourite Chi Huong. She speaks very decent Mandarin and she's my 'teacher' for both Mandarin and Vietnamese back then. Time flies isn't? 5 years then... our first reunion. 

Again we wander around Old Quarter again to look for my favourite desserts Che but we couldn't bump into one. But we ended up at this place at To Tinh Street having Hoa Guo Dam (Mixed Fruits with Coconut and Carnation Milk) one word: Delicious. 

Now my first meal is complete! Time for walking again.... I love to walk in a maze. Be it lost or you got your way out. Sometimes, it is about the journey that matters. So... We saw 5k Beer again! Well... That's about life isn't? Ma May Street Road Stall.

That's what I enjoyed living in Vietnam. haha!! Beer that cannot make you drunk! XD We had couple of pints before heading back to hotel for a quick nap for tonight DINNER and PARTY!

I opened my eyes, the sun had set and I thought it was 8pm... then I realised it was just 6pm.... Just 2 hours of nap.

FOODIE time! I always love this place at 81 Dai Co Viet Street, Nhang Nuong (Charcoal BBQ) by the roadside.By the way, everything is in Vietnamese so be smart and point at what other tables has/enjoying to prevent yourself from being a total jerk. I can read quite a fair bit. XD

This is how one should enjoy Nhang Nuong like a BOSS! Order whatever that you can eat and eat them all! This was my usual dinner place during winter back then. Always wanted to smells like walking barbecue after dinner.

TIPS: Dress low and make sure you don't plan to wear it on the same day cos the smells can be really bad. Trust me! You don't need to wash your hair cos you will need to wash it later after the session. You will definitely regret!

Well... Like said, It's never enough to have one meal at night so I went back to the old quarter to take away Pho Xao Bo (Fried Noodles with Beef) which cost me VND60,000 (RM12) The most expensive Pho Xao that I had in my life throughout Vietnam at Ma May Street! I felt like an idiot buying that noodles but well I wanted to eat so let idiot be an idiot. Didn't bother taking picture cos busy finishing the expensive beef noodles.

SHOWER then PARTY! cos I smells like walking barbecue. 

This time was straight forward, we went to The Bank of Entertainment at 41 Hai Ba Trung 6th Floor. The music? AWESOME! The people? AWESOME! This is currently the most happening club in Hanoi as told. Was pretty much lucky cos both my buddies are working in the club as DJs. 

After PARTY? we went for steamboat till 5am in the morning. I almost miss my flight to Danang at 8am. We invented a new word for OD with food. Food Drunk = Foodunk. We ate till we can't move and sleeping on the chairs... LIKE A BOSS! 

On this day while I'm writing this? I gained 3 kgs within 7days in Vietnam. I just can't stop eating! HELP! They said I gained weight even before entering Vietnam... This is bad.

Jennifer Moke


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